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​Music Department Mission Statement

The mission of the music program at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts is to provide students with educational and performance experiences that cultivate creativity, develop performance proficiency and enhance scholarly potential in a multifaceted global society.​​  The music faculty is committed to educational excellence for all students and strives to effectively instill the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for students to pursue music on a collegiate level.

Scheduling for Band Majors

How to Schedule Classes for Band Majors!(Bring this with you to registration)​

​AP Capstone vs. Dual Enrollment

​​​​Are there any other requirements?

Marching band is required of all Center for the Arts Band Majors.  This is an exciting and highly visible ensemble​!  You get free access to all football games and get to perform for half time and parades!  Many students who have said "it's not for me" have become the highest performing members in leadership positions later in their high school career.

All Concerts and rehearals are mandatory.  There are after school rehearsals for Marching Band and Wind Ensemble.  Symphonic Winds has a much smaller after school time commitment. ​​
Frequently asked questions:
1.  What is the difference between the AP Academy and IB?  AP/IB Comparison​

2.  Can I be in the AP Academy and the Center for the Arts?  YES! ​​The AP Academy will work with the Band Center Major schedule.  This is an opportunity to take the highest academics paired with the highest music experience.  AP Academy Information Flier

3.  ​​Do I have to take marching band? YES!  Marching band is required of ALL Band students. This is an exciting and highly visible ensemble where we begin our music training, gain valuable skills, and get to know one another. You get free access to all football games and get to perform for half time and parades! Many students who have said "it's not for me" have become the highest performing members in leadership positions later in their high school career.  The Marching Pride is the center of school spirit at CLHS.

4.  What is band camp?  Is it for me?​​  Band camp is an incredibly important part of the high school band experience.  It begins approximately 3 weeks before school starts.  The first several days are for percussion, colorguard, and leadership.  Freshman camp begins Thursday of the first week, and full camp is the following Monday-Friday.  We teach you marching fundamentals from the beginning, start to learn the marching show, and host various section competitions.  Everyone is required to attend this camp.  Students who do not attend will become alternate marchers and will hold separate responsibilities for marching band.  They will still be required to attend all marching rehearsals and performances throughout the year.

5.  ​​How is the Center for the Arts different than a traditional band program? Students in a traditional band program are limited to a Band class and possibly a Jazz Band class.  The students in the Cypress Lake Center for the Arts complete 4 years of Band, 4 years of Instrumental Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble, and 2 years of music theory (Music Thoery I, Music Theory II Honors, and/or AP Music Theory).  This is the most comprehensive music program in Lee County! 

​​Center for the Arts band majors are divided into the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds for their band class.  Instrumental Ensemble class allows students the opportunity to work individually and in small groups on their solos, ensembles, and individual instrumental technique.  Jazz Ensemble is limited to the traditional jazz instruments, and is by audition only.  Many students are able to take additional band classes in their Junior and Senior years to learn a secondary instrument.

6.  What other opportunities will I have at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts?  As an instrumentalist, you may have the opportunity to perform in the Pit Orchestra for the annual musical.  (This depends on the needs of the musical each year).  This is an incredible production that is a collaboration between the Theater, Dance, Vocal, Band, and Orchestra departments.​​  In recent years, they have performed "9 to 5," "Ragtime," and "Bye, Bye Birdie."

On average, 5-10 of our band students participate in collegiate honor bands each year.  These include the Festival of Winds at USF, Tri-State Honor Band at FSU, and UM Frost School of Music Honor Band.​​

Many students participate in the All County Honor Band.  This year we had 17 students participate.  That is the most students of any school in the south zone, and the second highest in Lee County!

All Center students particpate in Solo and Ensemble, and all FBA MPA performances (Marching, Jazz, Concert).​​​​