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Center for the Arts Tracks of Study

The Cypress Lake Center for the Arts was created to offer an enriched arts education for high school students with a demonstrated talent in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, or media arts. The program is designed to develop both the artistic and academic skills of talented students through problem-solving and critical thinking.

Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts provides the best possible arts education for students who would like to pursue a more concentrated study in the disciplines of Dance, Media, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Named as an “Arts Achieve Model School” by the state of Florida, instructors stress the development of the students’ individual and/or ensemble skills and talents to their fullest potential. Fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts and how they relate to an ever changing world is a paramount goal of the program.

Entrance to the Center for the Arts classes is through audition only. Students who are accepted will follow a specific track of studies for their department, graduating with a minimum of 9 credits in the arts. Center for the Arts students must be committed to developing their talents and gaining the most experiences from the program. They have access to performance opportunities, master classes, guest artists, fieldtrips, conferences and other enrichment opportunities that maintain a rigorous standard of learning in the arts.

The Center for the Arts faculty members are highly qualified in their field, with numerous additional degrees, meeting the needs of the Cypress Lake High School student population. All works created under the direction of Center for the Arts faculty are uniquely creative and considered some of the finest in Florida, being extremely competitive with other arts schools throughout the nation.

Students graduating with a certificate from the Center for the Arts at Cypress Lake High School take with them an unparalleled appreciation for life and the arts while developing leadership qualities and decision-making skills for their pathway to success.

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts - ​Music Department Mission Statement

The mission of the music program at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts is to provide students with educational and performance experiences that cultivate creativity, develop performance proficiency and enhance scholarly potential in a multifaceted global society.​​  The music faculty is committed to educational excellence for all students and strives to effectively instill the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for students to pursue music on a collegiate level.